Best strafing drive for TT?

I was considering doing either a mechanum wheel drive or a h drive. Which one is better and why? Also, if you know of any other great strafing drives please also include those :slight_smile:

I suppose it’s good to add Holonomic-X to the discussion

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I’ve had good experiences with Mecanums, however since there isn’t a climbing aspect to this game I believe that an X drive would be superior. Just be aware of the small increase of speed and decrease of torque that is involved.

how is there an increase in speed with an X drive? The wheels are say angled at 45 degrees. You can create a 45-45-90 triangle, where the hypotenuse is the wheel. Some of the speed goes to the vertical leg of the triangle, but also the horizontal leg. That means some of your vertical speed is lost to horizontal, so no matter what, H drives would always be faster than X drives (okay i guess you could say X drive is faster when strafing but come on, I could just turn an H drive base 90 degrees and then go straight)

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Is an X drive faster than a mechanum drive?

Yes. An X drive is faster than a basic 1:1 all Omni drive.

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This gives you a basic idea.


Thanks. Is an H drive faster than a mechanum drive?

Can someone explain how or why an X drive is faster than an H drive?

Edit: Nvm Which is faster, X-Drive or Tank drive?

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Well, h drives are probably the easiest, but they do take up the center of the robot for the strafing wheel.

Bad habit of mine, keep using H drive and tank drive interchangeably

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Wait a tank drive that strafes?
Someone give this man(woman) a sticker

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A problem with X drive is that it requires 4 motors while tank drive only needs a minimum of 2.
Maybe the trade-off is worth it though if you can do cubes well with 4 motors…

This isn’t correct, the holonomic drives are actually faster. While both going forwards and strafing.

While they are faster, why are X-Drives faster than a tank drive? In a tank drive all 4 wheels go in the same direction, but with an X-Drive half of each motor’s power is spent going sideways

pft… buncha normies… everyone knows that the best chassis design is just two wheels… I mean really? Who taught ya’ll how to build robots? My grandma!!! Literally two wheels… thats all you’ll ever frikin need…


This is an old article that explains

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Its the speed of the straight drive times the square root of 2.


If it’s a 45° angle, ive seen some wacky x-drives lol

My opinion is also based on the opinion that your gonna need to have four motors to be competitive this year. H drive is alright, but it’s weak. 2 motor standard drive and 1 motor for strafing makes it very weak. I really think that X drive or Mecanums are the way to go.