Best strategies

So I am new to both vex and the corresponding forum, so I was wondering if anyone has any good strategies for both skills and tournament. Please label whether for skills or tournament, we are here to help.

Skills: Try to get as many mobile goals in the 10 and 20 point zones as possible. If finished getting the mobile goals (all of them), then you can focus on cones or park, depending if your robot can stack cones.
Competition: Since you are a new team, I would recommend simple designs that have proven to be very effective. The two that stand out from this year are cage bots and mobile goal only robots with a strong drivetrain. If going for the cage bot, make sure the people doing the programming can make an autonomous program that can block an opponent autonomous or cage both of the opposing mobile goals that will be available. If you opt for the mobile goal only robot, make sure you finish it in time to get plenty of driver practice as it is crucial to the success you will have in competition. While driver practice is important with any design, it is important to get familiar blocking others in the most effective way while trying to lower the possibility of an infraction as much as possible. Essentially, you want to learn how far you can push the rules before getting warned or dqed.
Good luck and have fun in your first year in Vex!

Start with a mobile goal only bot and leave some motors so you can become a chainbar bot later.

I have a small mobile goal bot and it is very useful.

Add a chainbar
Speaking of which, has anyone thought of a mogo bot with like a 12.5” chainbar for stacking 3-4 cones that also doubles as a mogo cage?

Well if I add a chain bar it defeats the purpose of my bot being so light it doesn’t have to heft much weight of its own, making it easier to push mogos

It also lets you stack cones…I mean, it’s great that it’s light and fast, but if you can’t use the time you save from that for anything, there’s really no point.

Ability to push mogos is better accomplished by adding more torque to the drivetrain, you can only make a robot so light before being so light starts becoming a disadvantage due to loss of traction between the wheels and the floor

Actually once you finish scoring mogos, it is completely legal to push other bots and play defense, making sure that they don’t score while your other bot on your alliance, does.

We kind of have one of those, but it doesn’t “encase” or cage around mogos really well unless i use my main mobile goal lift. We do 3 cones comfortably or 4 if the cone is tilted forward. We upgraded them to HS prior to State, but still have a 4 motor drive (it’s a mistake, i know). We never made it past State, since our big weakness was high stackers and heavy robots :confused:

My middle school team is at this same crossroads. stack 3-4 with a chainbar or figure out a dr4b for higher stacks in the next two weeks to leave time for driving and programming. They are pretty torn.

At the moment, they have really good mobile goal only bot that is really effective in skills and fast in matches but it is getting smoked by high-stacking alliances in matches. They have no problem with all 4 mobile goals in well under a minute but then have no options other than “getting in the way” with a little defense and watching the opponents stack and ultimately win the match.

There are other defensive strategies than simply getting in the way. Some are better than others. Make sure you have a good and consistent autonomous and figure out how to score your pre-load without adding an arm.

@blatwell Do you mind expounding just a bit? We don’t see much defense in our local MS competitions. What would you consider to be 2-3 effective defensive strategies?

our strategy, (we have a surprisingly effective 4 bar) is to get a mogo with one cone on in the 20 pt during autonomous, and then get 1 mogo in the ten with no cones, then get 2 more in the ten with 7 cones each. that gives us 80 points, 90 if you say we get the autonomous bonus. I recommend something like this for beginner teams, as you don’t need experience to build a 4 bar, and our mogo lift is literally just a pivoting intake.