Best team in your respective region??

Jut wanted to have some late season updates on best teams in each region.

one —four --nine --two --y

I recognize that number xD

In Virginia, I would say 84927A is the best team as they did win the skills award, excellence award and were tournament champions in the States competition.

VA MS absolutely. Those guys are awesome.

177V, 8086A, and 1575X won the tournament at States, but 12G has done no worse than Finals at every event they’ve been at, and walked out with excellence at States.

8762 in California

Edit: If you know you know.

2831C and 7268A are the best for Georgia MS. Our states is Saturday so you’ll know then.


They aren’t in CA???

Is that a question or a statement?

You’re missing out on the top team from California, 1961X @Duke4221c and @Aditya Diwakar

lets not create another thread for the same thing… there is already an existing thread for this topic.

Statement, but Aeden seems serious, so i am questioning my judgment…

You guys are not from CA either though???

Many other amazing teams but, in no particular order, i’d say these are by and large the top 3

NZ Top 3:
(close 3rd 2921S)

Although there are a few more I missed, this is just my personal ranking.

Uhhhh I am not sure about that one. After these recent states competition…

If you know you know!

8762 - 8000 - 62

ez wins ez skins