Best team letter

What is the best team letter in your opinion?
Personally I like T because it looks good coming after letters.
(ex. 5776T is probably the best looking team number that I’ve ever seen)
This is just to show you how they look attached to numbers.
I don’t mean specifically on the 7842 number, but on any team number.
Only A to J minus I actually exist.
I don’t know why Z came up first.

I wish that we could still make polls for this sort of thing.

M,G,Z,V,X,H are the best

What made you pick those letters lol

I feel R is the best letter

I Think M is the best letter, i just like the way only M goes up down up down

Its the letters from the 1104 teams.

B seems like the 'B’est team letter imo.

T because it’s my favorite letter :stuck_out_tongue:

I like D because insert dank meme here

No letter: you were the first team with that number

Z because our Mentor’s name is Z!

A, B, C, D, G, X…all great letters, all going to Michigan States finals!

Z. Z is the best. I think Michael Nutt will agree.

It gets confusing, though, when you are talking about a team that doesn’t have a letter, since you can’t refer to them as the a or z team, and it can sometimes lead to confusion as to whether you are talking about the organization as a whole or just that specific letterless team.

Starting out I went with letters that represented our school, mascot, and colors (C = Centennial, G = Golden, H = Hawks).

I think Z is the best.
I don’t like B since it looks like an 8. Also, I keep getting 9185B jammed in my ears before alliance selections…

My team decided to use J because our name starts with J. But I think X is pretty cool.

All the way with no letter, it is so annoying when picking alliances you have to find the good team and do not know the letter. It is much more memorable also to pick a low number like: 26, 10, 62, 360, 136, 60x.

YES! B is the best letter you can ever have, but my least favorite is “i” i dont really like how it looks next to those numbers

Yes! No letter FTW!
Also high five for the double digit number.