Best Teams of 2010?

I would like to know who you thought were the best teams at regionals and worlds and a reason why. Good teams include good robots plus a professional team who was willing to share and talk with other teams.

Thanks :slight_smile:

2010 meaning Clean Sweep, I presume?

Like many years, I think the discussion starts with 44. An innovative holonomic drive platform combined with a massive basket and unique goal-scoring mechanism made them by far my favorite robot of that year. Green Eggs really knows how to think outside the box.

Sorry, I mean Round Up, and yes, 44 is a good place to start. They are very good, and well deserved their championship.

green egg always seems to get the job done but i dont think they would be willing to talk and share ideas and i think he means round up

Try talking to them, they have always been willing to talk about their robot and the design process that they went through in creating it whenever I talk to them at competitions… they are truly one of the classiest teams out there, they always seem to be helping out another team with something.


idk at the regional competitions I’ve never seen them really elaborate about there robot but they seem to know how to win really good and there not unsocial but they have a competition to win and seem to keep there ideas under black the black photo paper shielding to hide the inner workings

i think maybe he meant on the forums?
they always have a “highlight” video after worlds, but they do not seem too active on the forums which is shame :frowning:

yea they only show off the monster after worlds, but i dont blame them, if i was that good i wouldnt want 20 teams copying me either

lots of teams at worlds had copied 1103 and team 44
some of them even clones!
but none of them equaled the original
they can try to copy, but fail
which was the result of many robots that copied :confused:

I agree with murdomeek. A lot of teams had screw for screw copies of 44 and 1103 (which is quite the feat in itself). But they can’t match either the strategy nor the driving skills of either of the two teams. In addition, it is obvious that the integral part of 44’s design that brings the robot together is their pneumatic needle which I believe is one design aspect that was nigh on impossible to copy for any of the robots at worlds. What this forced the copies to do is to allocate 2 motors for a traditional needle, taking off 2 motors from their drive train. This changed the capabilities of the robot greatly.

No matter how many teams will end up copying these robots, it is impossible to recreate the quality and time that is put into creating these machines.

I don’t think a real screw for screw copy was made of 44 or 1103; I didn’t 1103 clones hang, and I didn’t see anything that looked quite like 44. Also, one of the big things about GER is that they indexed the bases that they picked up. Every other base lifting robot had the base held externally, meaning it could fall off (which it often did).

I remember seeing 2921 in the finals, and I thought that was pretty amazing too. They didn’t manage to hang there, did anyone from their division see it?

I saw a screw for screw copy of 44 in the Science Division. I think it was a 404 team. It was a screw for screw of a slightly older version and its base-lifting mechanism broke in a match.

As for 2921, they are less prone to copying due to isolation in the form of New Zealand :stuck_out_tongue: they were capable of the fastest hang imo because it seemed like they lined up faster than 1103 and got up just as fast. However, their motors were overheating in the last of their eliminations and they couldn’t pull off the hangs that they wanted. However their robot combined hanging with goal lifting in a spectacular way and was one of a kind.

Thanks for the positive words Chris is me. I am guessing that the thread was referring to Round Up (2010-2011) season but it was nice of you to bring up Fred III again. The team appreciates your support of their work.

It is true that the team has not been very active on the forum in the past. However, they make a strong effort and value the opportunities to discuss the design and build process with other students and mentors who are interested at tournaments throughout the year. They correspond with many Vex students from around the world via the team website and team email at

Their latest highlight video of the Roundup season can be found here which has closeups of the robot in both video and photos.

In continuing on with the discussion about best teams of 2011, I would like to mention 1103, Free Range and 254A. What a nightmare (and honor) it was to face 2 of these 3 teams this past season in the World semis and the 3rd last year in the World Finals. All 3 of these teams are very professional, friendly, consistent and (extremely) competitive. All 3 of these teams pushed the envelope all season long.


I’m in awe from the capabilities of your design and would like to congratulate you and your team on the win it was very impressive and you definitely earned it. i cant wait to see what you come up with next

see you at qcc,

what about Teams we might not know? (eg. not 1114, 254(Although very awesome!),44, 1103, etc.)

Would anyone happen to know what motors and what ratio team 44 used for their drive?

I believe it was 6WD?
How many 393 and 269 were used with what ratio?

During finals i remember seeing 44 push other robots out of the way to position themselves to drop goals. I’m curious how they got their drive to be so strong (I know they used 8 motors). Thanks!

I know I am not the first one to bring them up but 2205A was a really amazing team this past year. Their robot was so simple and in some quick scouting of your opposition before a match their robot could easily be seen as just a little claw-bot that didn’t even use all 10 motors, then in a match their drivers came to life and their were truly a force to be reckoned with.


We were in the technology division and I was shocked to find that teams such as 359C, 211A and 254H. Like what the heck were some of those alliance captains thinking :frowning:

Yes. We had a 6 wheel drive with the front 2 wheels on each side powered. The center wheel on each side was also dropped down about a 1/4". The drive was powered by six 269’s and two 393’s and it was geared 1:1.25 using the 30T HS chain and the 24T HS chain sprockets.

We broke a few of HS chain sprockets with this drive so we ended up having to strengthen them with the metal locks for axles. At one point during the season we had enough power to push the ladder a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Team 44

you used 8 motors for the drive???
how did you lift the weighted bases with 2 393s???