Best tilter design?

Hi, i am currently trying to speed up my tray bot’s tilter by reducing the gear ratio and possibly changing the angle of the tiling stuff (we use standoffs in a similar config to the image). What gear ratios do you guys use and is you tilter more similar to #1 or #2?

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We use a 1:5 gear ratio, which has been plenty strong to lift our max of 7 cubes when using the 100 rpm motor. I’d say our tilter is closer to #2

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Which Tilter design do you have?

  • #1
  • #2
  • neither
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Thanks for making this :slight_smile:

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I’ve been looking into this a lot recently and from what I have seen is that you need to balance speed with control. As of right now, my team uses a 1:25 gear ratio for gearbox and is more similar to design number one. While our gear ratio has a lot of strength it is also super slow. I would take a really close look at 1961Z and their mk III tilter. The arm attached to their gear is almost completely vertical when resting, and when it is pushed out all the way, the arm attached to the gear and the arm attached to the tray is completely straight.