Best type of Cube Intake

Our team was wondering what the rest of the community’s cube intake would be like this season, if you could use the poll we would be very thankful. The data will also be visible to other teams if they would like to use it.

I would just like to say that what you said is not the purpose of these threads. I have only recently started post post on here so I don’t know if I can add multiple poll to a post but anyway the idea of these threads is for our engineering notebook. Maybe I should have explained that. But we wanted to see what others have done and evaluate our design (which has already been planned) against our to see which is more affective. Also being from the UK, competition from the UK is not as high, we want to see what people are doing in more competitive countries. That being said thank you for your feedback and I hope that it was you who used the poll.

I apologise as well if I came on too strong, the purpose of my reply was just to explain my reasoning for making the thread, but I do respect what you were trying to do. Good luck for the rest of the season

No worries, Good luck to you as well. If it helps teams from the UK improve and grow UK robotics then it is benifical and go right ahead.

I may soon try to build a fully passive intake, but the intake I have prototyped now will use one piston.

More or less it’s an expanding cage with a sliding plate at the very bottom that uses a piston to slide under the bottom most cube.

I was thinking of an extended side roller, sort of what 4886a had for gateway, except optimized for cubes. I think that the side rollers, scissor lift and expanding tray will dominate this season, despite the efforts of the GDC to eliminate side rollers.:smiley:

To effectively intake, store and score five cubes within a short period of time without causing much entanglement issues or difficulties for drivers, i vote for a side tread roller intake.

My vote is the passive needle intake, but then again I am the creator. So I’m a little biased.

This is our intake that we just competed with and won the whole comp.

This robot looks interesting. Is that a pneumatic intake i see?
Very funny to see that the six bar isn’t going away too quickly…:smiley:

Also… In the poll not really a diverse range options, especially considering what I have seen at (1) competition…
I hope you accomplish what you set out to do with these threads!:smiley:

Your intake is really great - I like how it can pick up additional cubes easily while still holding onto the ones it has, and easily needle into the cube pyramid to grab several at once. However, when paired with your lift it has some problems- I noticed that when your six-bar is low, you are very, very front heavy and tip quite frequently, or ride on your two front wheels. A vertical lift would solve that problem and probably make it easier to grab cubes.

The match video I saw you in 57, it looked like you had trouble picking up cubes. Also your lift had a pit of trouble, and you tipped once. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great concept. It just needs a bit of work.

I would like to see how it evolves; it has great potential.

BTW: As cake said, a linear lift would help.

Nice one and grats’ on the win! Seems like you got Stanleys skyrise intake working. Nice intake :slight_smile:

We have side rollers on our robot that work very well (about the only thing that does right now, but still). The side rollers we have pick up the cubes at any angle, including completely diagonal to the robot.

The problem with non roller intakes is it’s hard to control how many cubes you dump at once

Yes and rollers are also difficult because they do not always fall straight onto the pole and may get stuck at the top of it.

Definitely a problem we’ve had (using side rollers), but I do feel with a bit of fine-tuning we could make it work.