Best type of drive train for skyrise

Our team was wondering what the rest of the community’s drive train would be like this season, if you could use the poll we would be very thankful. The data will also be visible to other teams if they would like to use it.

your missing the holonomic x-drive option in the poll fyi

Sorry but I thought that was just called a x drive which is why I put it as that in the poll. If they are different can u explain it to me and I’ll see if I can create a new option

x-drive and holonomic is different, sorta
holonomic refers to in any direction
H and mecanums therefore also qualify as holonomics

You also have appeared to forgotten the Hipster Drive

It can be seen here


Yeah let’s use a drive that can hardly turn, can’t find any faults with that :stuck_out_tongue:

The whole point of an X drive is for holonomic capabilities. It’d be redundant to put “X Drive” and “Holonomic X Drive” on the same poll, as their functions are identical.

(Unless you count the hipster drive.)

Edit: 7793R and Vex Vortex beat me to it

Do any of those mean holonomic H-Drive?

H chassis mecanum strafe would fall into that category

Yeah I just meant with the powered wheels in the middle to a strafe, not mecanums.

By the way, the hipster drive does have holonomic capabilities, it just can’t turn.

Haha oh the shame of my terribly sad drive design. Thanks for bring this back up again… xD

But being serious and all, I do believe imo that the holonomic x-drive is the way to go. Being able to strafe to score the cubes on the posts was so useful compared to other robots who had to reverse and drive back up to line up. I’ll post pictures of my drive if anyone is interested? It might be an expanding x-drive…

Yes, Please post pictures. It would be great to see an expanding x drive!

There is a team that my team always meets up with who are doing a triangular type chassis with three wheels for this competition. It’s pretty funny.:stuck_out_tongue:

I shall post once I’ve finished building :slight_smile: Should be done by tonight (NZ time).

As we haven’t tested our robot yet I can’t claom to have the BEST drive, but here are my thoughts.
Strafing as well as all the usual stuff that a tank drive can do seems very important to this years game due to the positioning of posts and the skyrise components. Also the chassis may have to be small and able to turn in a confined area, however with tall robots one would want the widest possible wheel base.
I’m kind of contradicting myself…:o

Also I am truly amazed by the hipster drive, I’m sure by worlds everyone will be using them…

I know what u mean, we have that design as well maybe I should have put strafe rather than mecanum but if u wanted to vote that would be the closesst. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Haha glad you like my hipster drive :stuck_out_tongue: If it makes you’ve interested… I’ve just built an expanding hipster to x-drive which is going to help me in making my robot both wide and long to prevent tipping etc. I have to say it’s pretty awesome :smiley:

You also forgot a u shaped h drive with six wheels and two strafing wheels.