Best type of mobile goal lifter for robot with limited space?

Our team has been looking for a way to grip a mobile goal to lift it into the base of our robot. Some common ones we’ve seen involve gripping the center post by using some sort of claw, “hugging” the base of the mobile goal, and gripping the front of the mobile goal with a horizontal claw. We have 3 motors available for this mechanism, but have little space that the lifter can hang off the robot. Pneumatic parts aren’t available for us to use, and we have enough room on the robot for the mobile goal to sit flat on the frame. I would be super appreciative if anyone could offer some advice on which type to choose for this.

Thanks in advance!

I’d go with one of these simple lifts. They just scoop up the goal and tilt it back towards your ring intake. My sister team has one that works well


You could maybe use a tilter like “Dogo” has

You could also use a four bar

You could also switch the pneumatics out for a motor and do something like this