Best type of string for a string launcher

What specific type of string do you guys recommend for a string launcher? I’m pretty sure the best things to look for are cheap, strong, won’t fray, and just heavy enough to lay completely flat on the field. Idk if I should go to my local hardware store or get something like paracord online (is paracord overkill?).

the rule book says you need to use nylon string at 1/4th in thickness or lower

Yeah but like what type of nylon string 1/4 in thickness or lower? It also never says nylon so material and exact thickness is part of my question.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 8.15.39 AM
Screenshot 2022-10-10 8.15.33 AM

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We are using vex made string

A similar thread already exists Best Rope/String for Engame


the rules used to specify nylon string only a few years back, but it has been changed to allow for all types of rope/string.

So no, you definitely do not need to use nylon string, though it isn’t a bad option.