Best Type of VEX Coding?

What is the best type of coding used for autonomous?

Are you asking program wise? Or if you should use sensors, use rotations, or use time to do autonomous.

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I’m talking program wise.

SInce you are in IQ, VexCode blocks is a pretty good and fairly simple block program to use and learn.


We have to use VexText V5Code.

Ok, so that is also a very good program to use, it is harder then the blocks, because you have to type out everything, but it is not that bad to learn the basics.


What I’m trying to ask is what coding language should I use. c++, python, javascript?

You should use the one that lets you make a successful program. If you already know one of the languages you listed and aren’t interested in learning another, use that one.

If your team or teacher has restricted you to using VEXcode V5 Text, this will limit you to C++. Python and Javascript are only available for V5 through Robot Mesh Studio at the moment, and C is available through PROS. (RMS and PROS also have C++ as options.)


the best type of coding is the coding that you are best at. basically all text based coding environments are viable

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