Best Use of the Vision Sensor?

Howdy forum folks! Just another programmer wondering what I should use the Vision Sensor for, I’ve already got it set up and everything. I just don’t quite know what to use it for, I’ve seen a lot of posts about auto-aligning but is there any other clever feature I could make with the Vision Sensor?

Let me know any thoughts you have, any help would be appreciated.

We don’t use a vision sensor, but it could be used to make an adaptable autonomous. It can detect cubes and stuff and uses that to automatically go to cubes and score them without the specific code for that movement predetermined. You could also use it to make your autonomous more accurate. Finally, a silly idea, you could have it detect your license plate color to determine your autonomous. Though it is said to be difficult to set up.


the best thing the vision sensor can be used for this year would probably be the autonomous
another good thing to use it for would be getting only one specific color to gain the most points per color
aligning is also a great idea

As everyone else is saying, autonomous, allows you to find and move to a goal so much easier

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