Best VEX Game?

Hello everyone,

I have a very general but at the same time debatable question to ask, what is the best challenge that VEX has released so far? This is only referring to VEX and VEX U challenges. In my mind, my favorite game has been sack attack seeing how it felt to be a very thought out game that students of all ages can understand. It was a simple concept that could have a difficult grasp at sometimes bringing a game object to the VEX community that no one was expecting at the time. Seeing how the secondary way of scoring was with a parking bonus, it was easier for me and my team to build a fast and powerful lift over the summer, without having our minds thinking about the other way of scoring at the same time, that could go rise to both goals while no additional motors needed to be distributed to the drive terrain other than for speed purposes. This challenge also took place a couple of years after the new vex controller was designed and released so most teams at the time had a good grasp on it and thus providing more skilled drivers. As I had stated earlier, the challenge seemed to be easy for most teams teams of all levels to get a hang of providing challenging teams from all ages around the world. I feel like recently, the games seem to be quite difficult for middle school teams to gain a grasp of such as skyrise’s pneumatic skyrise intake and double-reverse six bar and nothing but nets PID control and bang bang for a well working launcher and universal elevating mechanism which some advance high school teams cant even pull off, and we are already almost past regionals! I am not saying that middle schoolers are not capable, but I have seen very few middle school teams pull off what is needed to build a good robot for this season. It seems like if you put these challenges in front of a 7th grader, he would be clueless on what to build and just gathers up hundreds of forum posts which while interesting, can also be very repetitive. Reasons like this are probably why VEX IQ was formed which seemed to help out a lot, but there are still quite a lot of teams that do not have access to VEX IQ, and PID isn’t really something you can just post on a forum. Now this is just purely an opinion, to those on the VEX design committee, this post is not meant to offend your challenge decisions in any way, but I feel as if this can become a very popular forum post which can even provide a few ideas on next years challenge. With that said, what do you guys think the best VEX challenge has been so far?

Toss Up was the best vex game ever, it had many challenges and was fun.

Round-up… For the best game play. But of course the autonomous for that season is a letdown.

Thanks to the both of you for giving this post a good start. My apologies, I had no idea that Cameron was a freshman during skyrise. While I feel that I exaggerated on what I was trying to say, I still consider this years game to be the most challenging first year for middle school students seeing how bang bang is still a bit tricky to master. When I was talking about VEX IQ, I was referring to difficulty not money. Again, thank you both for your replies, it is great to have some common forum posters answer debatable questions like these, seeing how we have already run into a disagreement. Please keep up the responses everyone!

And to 26 who happened to reply so soon, I’m so sorry about not getting qualification for worlds at your regional in Greenville. I was hoping you guys could win for the third time in a row and make a streak, but that was not the case this time. I am a very big fan of your team and hope to see an amazing design for the next season! Great Job!

Well thanks, what happened at regionals was about the worst day with using the wrong rubber bands to one side of the drive randomly blowing out to illegal defense on our trying to be elevated. But thanks for the comment.

Anytime 26, and to Meng, who happened to just share her opinion, I completely agree on the autonomous. Please keep this debate running!

Well in Toss Up you had to have a better robot to score more points, you had to hang, pick up large balls, pick up bucky balls, go under the beerier, and have a reliable drive ( to go over the bump). This year in NBN (in my opinion the worst vex game that I have experienced) all you have to do is have good strategy, the bonus balls are worth more points but it isn’t harder to pick them up. My ranking of the best Vex games that I have been involved in (from best to worst) : Toss Up, Skyrise, Sack Attack, NBN.

Nice to hear your more detailed opinion, and I agree with you on Nothing But Net being the worst vex game that I have experienced. Keep up the replies!

To be honest, there wasn’t a game from vex I didn’t like. All of them are pretty close

1.Round Up: Amazing strategies, always new robots, unbelievable record breaking teams, great programming skills runs
2.Toss Up: Amazing strategies, common designs
3. Skyrise: Very challenging powerwise, fun challenge that required high precision
4.Clean Sweep: Fun to hoard balls, back to back scoring action
5. Nothing But Net: Shooting… I hate shooting, but there’s so much unseen strategy and innovation
6. Sack Attack: stacks were annoying to grab, but so much satisfaction when your intake worked
7. Elevation: simple stuff
8. Gateway: side rollers were ridiculous
9.Bridge battle: too simple of a game, but no one understood the successful mechanisms yet

edit: the formatting on the forum is weird. Idk how to fix 5-8

Yes, 8th graders are objectively less intelligent than 9th graders, depending on your definition of intelligence, and whether you’re looking at a single case or the average.

Skyrise was Cam’s second year. I’m not saying that 62’s robot wasn’t impressive, but what grade you are in or how old you are isn’t as important as how much experience you have with vex. An 8th grader with 3 years of experience will do much better than a high school senior who is just starting.

Just a small amendment… Meng is a he, and not a her… :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case they might be on level playing ground. I’m not saying age/grade doesn’t matter, just that experience is more important. So yes, an 8th grader with 3 years of experience might do just as well as a 9th grader with 2 years.

I am so sorry Meng, I feel like such an idiot, my apologies:((((((

Keep up the great replies!

Programming skills winner for round-up was phenomenal though. Still the best skills run I have ever seen.

Toss-up for sure, the defensive, and de-scoring element was tons of fun. We had to have some really complex strategies to win.

I loved Skyrise.
The joy of picking up 8 inch cubes up in the sky and not falling over :slight_smile:
We actually didn’t have a working lift until like three days before our first competition last year (it was like on 1/11).

As for this year, people have been asking for a shooting game for years. This is VEX’s answer to those pleas. I don’t think there would’ve been too many ways to better design the game… I’m okay with this game.

@jpearman can you send a link of their autonomous? I was not in Robotics that year, and I am curious to see their autonomous.

As I agree with the design committee answering the peoples choice of having a shooting game this season, I feel that what they decided to incorporate with the shooting was not a well planned decision. This includes the scoring objects, the field rules, and ELEVATION!!! First off, the scoring objects being balls was a very poor decision in my mind, seeing how if you missed one shot, it could ruin the whole field in an autonomous period or programming skills run. Second, the fact that shooting a ball out of the field means that you cannot use that ball anymore is a very poor choice. The referees have to set up the field again anyways, so why not have the balls all in the field making for longer and more exciting matches and easier field setup. I feel so bad for the field restorers this year:(((( seeing how one ball can cause a whole new reset . Finally, there is elevating. You cant just buy a game piece for that, can you? You just have to hope that your mechanism can lift every bot at a competition without taking any risks. Speaking of risks, do you know how many robots I’ve seen break due to elevation? All that hard work…gone. All that money…gone. All those parts…gone. You get the idea. Even though toss up had something similar, you could just buy the pole. At the South Texas Regional I just attended, there was only one. one elevating bot. one that could do it well. Even some of the most advanced teams don’t know how to make one that is universal and keeps you in dimensions. I’m really expecting to see some good lifts at worlds this year.

Here is the programming skills run. 1103 was amazing.

Here is one, don’t know if this is at worlds or some other event. Remember this is completely autonomous.