Best VEX IQ Organizations by Region

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This thread is for discussing the best VEX IQ organizations in your region, both in their performance on the field, and in their impact within their communities and around the world.

(Special thanks to @d_hums for inspiring me to post this!)

P.S. If someone thinks it would be appropriate, this can be moved to the appropriate section of the VEX IQ Forum.

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Welp, general discussion is as close as I could get.

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2552 was pretty good @Zach_929U

The 10515 Teams from Fulbright Jr. High in Arkansas are amazing, they have done exceptionally well at worlds the last two years despire having atrocious pairings.

PS: I was on their most successful team ,10515F, in Crossover and Ringmaster and am now a mentor for all 7 of their teams.

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Hawaii I’ll say there are 3 top elementary teams and 3 top middle school teams. (No Specific Order)

2436, Lancer Robotics, Sacred Hearts Academy.
1037, Kualapuu Comets, Kualapuu School.
10142, Green Tigers, Manoa Elementary.
359, Hawaiian Kids, Waialua High and Intermediate.
2437, Lancer Robotics, Sacred Hearts Academy.
11173, Mililani Masters, Cornerstone Engineering Robotics.

There are many others I want to put but I feel like based off of local and international success.

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