Best Vex Teams - Community Opinion (Pre-Worlds 2023)

Hey guys,

Out of total curiosity, I’ve put together a form to survey the community to see who we collectively think are the best teams in the world in different areas of the competition. Please respond if you have the time, and share this link around with teammates, coaches, and anyone who you think may also want to respond.

Here’s the link:

This survey is anonymous.
I will be updating this thread periodically to share the results. (I will wait a few days before giving the initial update.)
I may also be re-running the same survey after worlds to see how the general opinions change and if teams winning worlds awards will affect the results.



I would say 515R is probably the best team out there.


I think all teams bring in the best they can be and uplift all around them!

(I am pretty sure popularity surveys are not the way to find “Best Vex Teams” [sic])

Have fun at Worlds!


Oh absolutely, the survey results so far definitely don’t line up with my personal rankings based on my experiences this season. This survey is definitely popularity-based, and though a lot of teams become popular because they are very good, some teams don’t, and so the rankings aren’t super accurate. There are also tons of teams who should make the list but don’t because the aren’t “popular.” You do bring up a good point, though, and I am hesitant to post the results at all because of it. This survey isn’t meant to discourage other teams; in fact I would hope that this survey could even help encourage new teams, because let me tell you, almost all of the top ten matchplay teams were completely unheard of or even didn’t exist 2 years ago. It just goes to show with commitment and involvement in the community, any team can become a top team.

I have a feeling the results from this survey will be largely different from the teams who actually end up performing the best at worlds.


any idea when results will be released im very curiouse to see what others think