Best Video Game System

Hey, just wondering who likes 360, ps3 or Wii

i dont have any, nor will i ever, but the 360 has HALO 3.

I must say, I really enjoy playing Madden on the Wii at my friends house, I never thought it would be fun

Wii, on the principal that there is something for everyone…

ya i like playing madden on my wii iplay it online with my cousin in georgia but i want a 360 it has halo 3

I have an Xbox 360 and a Wii, but I play the Xbox more often. Unfortunately, I almost never have time to play videogames anymore.


yeah. I personally prefer 360 and yes because of Halo 3. Call of duty four is also pretty cool on 360.

ps3 the only reason for me to get the box is halo 3
i like wii too but you cant do too much and all the games are motion related
i like the option but i dont want it to be manditory
also the ps3 gets free online server only pay for add-ons beat that halo!

I have a PS3 :slight_smile:

The PS3 is great, but I’m addicted to Halo. Overall though I must say that the PS3 is a much better system.

360 and PS3 are awesome, I like them both. The wii though, seems to have childish graphics with uncomplex gameplay for most of the games. (by childish I mean that, without the motion sensing capabilities, most people over 5 would not accept the graphics.)

None of this is based on fact as I do not have wii or a 360, but it is my opinion and it wont be changed easily.

Yeah I would argue that ps2 graphics are better than the wii, but the wii is tons of fun to play.

The Wii is fun, except it gets old.

360 here, for HALO, GRAW, Rainbows, GOW.

Wii!!! The wii is realy fun! Super Mario galaxy, thrillville off the rails, wii sports, etc.

With the wii you are actually doing something and not just sitting on your couch pressing buttons.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the whole point of video games is to relax and sit on the couch

…Or jump around like a madman when playing Halo 3…

has to be the xbox 360 has alot more better games than the ps3 and the wii is for little kids

1.Would you rather steer a car with a joystick or a steeringwheel?

2.The wii has games such as Wii Fit that can get you into shape, while other consoles only get you OUT of shape.

3.The Wii is great because you can “feel” the movement in the game.

PS Wii will, Wii will rock you!:smiley:
PSS Why would someone as hyper as me relax on a couch?:slight_smile: Just kidding!

I think that the Graphics that are Displayed on the XBox-360 and PlayStation3 have are almost Unbelievable!! I have not seen any on the Wii that complex (yet).

But the Overall player experience seems to be for the Wii. The Wii also seems to promote Team Playing, not Individual Playing. The Whole Family is involved in the Gaming…

Also the Wii is appealing to the Casual Gamer. That is why 6 out of 6 Stores I checked on Thus, 17-JUL-2008 had no Wii’s Consoles in stock, and the WalMart had 2 of the Wii’s Bundled with “We Play”. All 6 Stores had Xbox-360’s and PlayStation3 in stock. (We bought the Wii Bundle)

We also got on Fri, 18-JUL-2008 “Dance Dance Revolution” and the Playground Games.