Best way of swapping 4" hubs over ...

Hi everyone, my 4" high traction wheel covers should be arriving on monday, and i was wondering how easy is it to swap the 4" wheel covers over ???

and what is the best method of doing this

We just use a flat screwdriver to pry it off. Getting it on is easy. Not to hard.

Brill, never done it before, hoping it gives me more traction on the field floor than i currently have,

thanks for the quick reply :smiley:

Oh yes! They provide a lot more traction than the regular tires. The regular tires barely touch the ground for us; that is why we are using the other tires. Plus I think they look cooler :wink:

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The normal rubber tires actually have more traction than the ‘high traction’ ones we have found (and a bunch of other teams I know) because on the foam tiles, the wheels sink a bit and the shapes on the normal rubber tires ‘dig in’ a bit into the foam. On hard surfaces though I would agree that the high traction tires outperform the normal rubber tires. Just something for you guys to test out and consider.

As for the rubber wheels barely touching the ground, the cause is that the omni wheels are slightly larger than the others in diameter (I believe the omnis are larger than 4" rather than the others being smaller than 4", never tested it though). There are a few ways this can be fixed, do a quick search on the forums, I remember seeing some posts on the matter from a while ago. There are loads of ways to fix this, you can either have the rubber wheels slightly lower than the omnis or increase the diameter of them. Lowering them is pretty easy to do with pillow bearings. A couple of ways to increase their diameter (my preference) is to either place something between the tire and the rest of the wheel, align the teeth so instead of interlocking they stand on each other (though be careful as they can slip over time), or wrapping something around them (like thin chain, though that isn’t so nice).


thanks for the response, mainly i am worried about traction on the bump, i am hoping that these wheels may help me over the bump, as my robot can already do it , but can sometimes (1 in 4ish) can get stuck, so hoping it will make the difference, if not i can use then for non-vrc stuff :smiley:

I think you will see a good improvement in traction on the bump.

From my experience, I would say George (jjj) is right for heavier robots that compress the tiles enough. Not so sure about lighter ones… According to (which has been posted a couple of times previously) the high traction tyres did have more traction.

See also more discussion:

I’m surprised no one mentioned “boiling them”.

(now watch this post evaporate :slight_smile: )

Was that ruled legal or illegal last year? And what was the goal, again? Cleaning the wheels?

Regardless of the goal, it was determined by the GDC that this represented an attempt to chemically modify the wheels to enhance their traction.

Cleaning the wheels is fine.

Right, thanks.

It was a JOKE that I found rather funny last year, I shouldn’t post when it’s late and I’m tired.

So thread back on track now that I derailed it.