Best way to attach field to platform/risers?

What is the best way to attach a field now that we have the feet raising the field off the ground? I fear the screws we are using now are not strong enough. We have gone OK all season like this, but I fear for something not nice happening.

Zoom in on the center here and you will see we use drywall screws which may not be the best with that gap.

Is there some way to make that joint stronger? I fear the gap will allow the screw to shear quite easily if someone were to knock it pretty good.

The fence in Starstruck has a metal plat underneath it with standoffs. Should we devise something like that for the walls? We could take this year’s plates to a band saw once the game is done. Attach the plate to theplatfrom with screws and then use 8-32 screws into the plate? A 5-32 would fit the hole in the field wall better.

Assuming a couple of things, 1 being that your riser is the exact size on all sides of the field perimeter and 2 your perimeter is built properly with all the joint brackets between the 4’ sections, why not just screw some pieces of wood that come up next to the perimeter to prevent it from going over the edge? Then it’s not physically attached and can easily be packed for travel if need be, but is bound to the limits of your riser.

We use 1/16" flat steel plates (about 4" x 4") around the edges of the field, 2 per side, to hold the walls from falling off the platform. We don’t actually anchor the perimeter at all. The picture shows one the the plates circled in yellow.

What if you wrap the perimeter your stage with a 1x6 leaving 2" above? You would have 4" to attach the board to the sides of the stage and the field would set into a tray.

Thanks for the suggestions. I like both the steel plate and the wood shim ideas.