Best Way to Balance Ratchets for Flywheel

We have ratchets on out flywheel and they make the entire robot shake violently. Does anyone have a good ratchet design for the flywheel that is balanced or how should we balance ours. the ratchets right now are basic screw on 12 tooth gear.

Do you have only one ratchet on one gear? If that’s the case, then put two. Should fix the issue.


I agree with @bantha on this:

Also, if you have a gear-transmission leading to your flywheel, you could consider putting the ratchet(s) on one of the slower spinning axles rather than the flywheel itself.

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I will try that thanks but im afraid its going to be hard to fit the rubber bands and it may be too weak with one band per but too strong with two. but I will try it thanks.

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Thats what we have. we have 60 to 12 on our flywheel with 600 rpm motors.

I posted a thread about a passive ratchet. Go search for it. The example only has 1 pawl, but you could double up. It does NOT use rubberbands at all.

Use a versahub to drive the ratchet. Flip a VersaHub upside down fixed on the driven shaft. Cut a 2”small L shape piece of Lexan and drill out center of the vertical side with 3 equidistant 1/2” spaced holes and mount on the flex wheel by the top and bottom holes with a free spinning hub. But first bend horizontal member of L up. Flywheel should be stacked with 60 tooth fixed driven gear on bottom, free spinning flex wheel with mounted Lexan piece in the middle and flipped upside down versa hub. The raised oval shape bumps that would hold the hub on the flex wheel will drive the free spinning flywheel’s raised L shape member forward when powered and when unpowered the Lexan will deflect off the bumps with Classic click, click, click sound of a ratchet.

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