Best way to do a non-cantilevered Screw Joint

So there has been much discussion and it has been shown that single-bearing screw joints are the best way to do lift screw joints. However, I haven’t seen much discussion on the best way to do a non-cantilevered screw joint, where the screw is long enough to go through both channels. Is it to to tighten a keps nut to both sides of the metal, and to put a nylock on the other end? To do a bearing on the other side to align it in the hole?

Bearing and nylock at the end. You can get away with no bearing though as long as it’s aligned and then locked by the nylocks static friction in an unloaded condition


So like this?

Previously I’d done it with a keps nut tightened to both ends on the inside, is the second one not necessary?

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Keps nut or locknut at the end both work in this situation. I just prefer locknuts. Doesn’t make much sense not to use them since it doesn’t take much effort to tighten them when they’re that close to the end and they resist vibrations better, but the end result is pretty much the same


using standoff is not bad if you don’t have long enough screws