Best way to downgrade to ROBOTC 3.04?

We were one of the adventerous souls on Robot C v3.06 and now trying to downgrade back to v3.04 after our robot went in circles uncontollably in some matches Saturday and continuous Vexnet drop outs. What is the proper procedure for downgrading?

We uninstalled robot C from the control panel and reinstalled v3.04 from a download. That went great. RobotC downgrades itself nicely prgogram-wise, but the Cortex will not recognize the computer now for firmware download via USB-USB cable.

We tried the Cortex config button sequence but that seemed to have no effect. The old program was still in the cortex and we could not get the old master firmware downloaded. It said to put the Cortex in bootloader mode and we follwoed those instructions a few times. The right sequence of lights came on when done but the computer would still not recognize the Cortex for a firmware download.

I reinstalled the older version of the prolific driver too and had the same results. Went abck to the new one too.

Is there another program needing to be uninstalled too? Is there a proper sequence of operations?

You need to install master firmware 3.16 in both cortex and joystick using the USB A-A cable. When these are in bootload mode thay do not need a driver, they look like USB HID devices. It’s probably easiest to use the VEXnet upgrade utility here. ALthough you can also do it from the ROBOTC menu as well.

You will need to put them in bootload mode by pressing the config button as you connect the USB cable and power up.

After doing this you should be able to see them in the ROBOTC software inspection menu. Next down load ROBOTC firmware 9.04 from the usual menu.