Best way to find a team?

I recently moved :frowning: and I’m trying to find another VRC team to be on, anyone know of a better way than just searching google? :confused:

a school would be a good place to start

Map function on robot lets you select to search for teams instead of events. Then just zoom in how your new town.

Okay, thanks guys! I’m sending my “Résumé” to the few teams are nearby.

Thanks for the help!

If you currently go to a different school than you are trying to join I would suggest just trying to found a team. If you are home school than maybe it would make sense to join an existing team because you control your hours.

ps. I love websites that organize their urls well. I just typed this out and hoped for the best and I was right.

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Well, here’s the thing, I’m homeschooled. So no school to go to. :slight_smile:

I think you might still be able to participate on a public school team, either way, it wouldn’t hurt to email the local school team and ask