Best Way to Keep the Ringles Out of Your Drive Train

My team can’t keep rings out of our wheels from the back. We have pieces of metal surrounding each side except for the back because we have a forklift-like thing on the back, and can’t put metal there. Do y’all have any suggestions on how to keep the ringles out or the way you did it?

Do you have a picture of the area you want to keep the rings out of?

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No, but it has two motors and a C-channel going across. I was really just wondering how your team is doing it though.

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My team isn’t super worried about keeping them out completely, just keeping them off of the end of the c channels we use for our tank drive, and from getting them stuck underneath the robot. We ended up enclosing the end of our tank drive with metal pieces and put some thin sheets on both sides of the cross section. These effectively make it so that rings wont get trapped underneath or on the wheels or drivetrain.

Ok, this is about what we have and were thinking about doing. Thanks!

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I’ll try and send a picture of what we have later today when I can take a picture of the robot.

Thanks, I will see my robot again tomorrow. I will send a picture if I can

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Could you post the photo to this thread so I could see it too? We’ve been struggling with ring jams every now and then.

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Put two cam followers in front of each wheel. If you do that they will retract and you can still go up the ramp

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Our A team used L-channel to create a stop for the rings that ran along the entire back of the drive base.

Our B team used lexan on the front and used aluminum plates on the back.

And our C team used L-channel with grooves cut out for the wheels.


Polycarb is probably the best way to do this. It’s easy to control and ensures that (if done properly) you are still able to climb the platform, which can be an issue with just using c channels.


My team uses a “standoff skirt”. We have 3/4" standoffs screwed in once every 3 holes all the way around the bottom. Another idea we had was to use standoffs to hold a bar underneath the frame in order to use less standoffs.
If you’d like, I can get you a picture sometime - just let me know.

We also use these. I saw a well-built claw bot use these at a competition to keep out rings. We use these in reverse on our back, so there is a bar going under the drive motors, with these and longer ones sticking out the top, in between the motors. Thanks!