Best Way to Keep Updated on Nothing But Net Robots

I found out that the best way to keep updated on nothing but net robots is with these two links:

Please post in this thread if you have found another way to keep updated on the nothing but net robots.](

Another great link is

If you are willing to look at Youtube every few days, Filter by This Week only, that way you don’t need to sift through videos you have already seen to find new ones.

I usually just search “vex” sorted by upload date. I have to scroll through a lot of destiny videos and others but there are very few, if any, competitions/reveals that don’t have “vex” in the title.

or even this link

I too have found this incredible website very useful.

If anyones wondering how to filter videos ( as I didn’t know till yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: ) go to a youtube search result and look on top of the videos for this bar:

You can click the filter button and it gives you heaps of options for filtering your results:

For some older videos if your getting started, this playlist is helpful:

For me it is pretty easy to keep up with new videos because of Bots ‘N’ Stuff.

Between all of us someone has seen any video and will show everyone when an interesting robot comes along. Also a lot of times teams will reveal their robots in the chat that they wouldn’t otherwise reveal or do a soft reveal to us a few days earlier than the main reveal.