Best Way To Know What To Do And What To Do When Driving

Hello All!
So, my team didn’t make it into Worlds this season, and we had great notebooks and whatnot (won Innovate, Excellence, and Design awards). So, we believe that this may have been due to our overall ranking at the state tournament.
How do some teams “know by heart” how and when to do things so efficiently? I know practice and gameplan are huge components, but how do other teams do this so “smoothly”?
(I’m not the driver but would like to present ideas to my team).

like you said practice. Scrimage with sister teams or other local teams to see what strategies work best for your bot. also alot of it is knowing what the point difference is during the match so that you know how your time should best be used. for example if you are loosing by 5disc you know that you guys need to push really hard on disc and guarantee roller controll during endgame. if you have a commanding lead on disc or cant fill te goal any more your time is best spent defending and preventing opponents from closing the point gap (and of course winning rollers) its also about reflexes. just being able to read the situation and understand what sort of points need to be scored or what sort of defence you should be playing. Communication between you and your alliance is also key in order to make sure the task are being split based on skill and what will give you the highest chance of winning. also watching top team and sig matches will allow you to better understand what teams prioritize and you might even see some new tactics that you had never though of befor.


Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it!

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Think @TimmyOsborne has covered most of it.

Apart from having the driver and coach to have an understanding of the overall gameplay, it is important to rehearse and practice as many possible scenarios as possible.
Eg. Something that I expect my senior teams to do is to practice and be prepared situations when it is 1v2 or maybe even 1v3.

Many teams thought that practice is only about driver practice, actually a big part of it is also about rehearsing for the various scenarios.


Thanks for the advice!

my team has also found it useful to video record matches and analyze what we could have done better.


Thanks! I have tried that before and it did seem to help, so I think this is a great idea!