Best Way to Run a Puncher on 1 393 Motor



We have a puncher similar to team 574C and were wondering how to run it best on 1 393 motor. Currently, we are using 2 motors with a torque setup. Does anyone have ideas to reduce in the motor count?

We are using #64 bands


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If you’re going to try and run a puncher with just 1 motor, you’ll be sacrificing speed. If you reduce rubber bands you risk tampering with the power of your puncher (which can affect how good it is at turning flags).
You should keep the torque gears in your motor powering the puncher, but you’ll need more power to be able to pull back the puncher. Use a gear train for torque (small gear meshing with a bigger gear).
Once again, it will be slower.

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@Wiredcat_Robotics currently, we have a high torque ratio but we want to increase our shooting time. That’s why we want to reduce the torque. Our puncher now is way to powerful.

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What gear ratio are you guys using? You might want to do a bit of trial and error (keeping the amount of rubber bands you’re using constant) to find the best compromise between speed and power. Keep it for a small amount of torque and make sure you don’t accidentally gear it for speed like our freshman team did once.
Seeing that you guys are going to Worlds, be prepared to encounter harder-to-turn flags, so keep that in mind when making this modification.



We were using 1:5 but are looking to use direct drive

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woah that’s really slow 1:3 could do it maybe.



it took us like 5 seconds per shot… That is why we are looking to reduce to a 1:1 or a 1:3

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You could possibly do a 1:1 if you reduce friction as much as possible and lube it up.

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When I made my puncher I had a 1m 393 puncher 1:3, and that worked fine with a shoot time of 2-3 seconds with enough power to flip flags efficiently.

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There is a similar post describing your situation. This is the link Faster Puncher Idea. You can also add a ratchet with an quad encoder that draws back the puncher to a certain point to decrease shot time even more. The ratchet worked great for us so i would highly recommend it.

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Getting a puncher to work on one 393 motor requires the following:

  1. Low slide friction - To reduce friction try running a file up and down the slide trucks and applying some lubrication to the linear slide rail.
  2. Point of contact - Move the standoffs that hold the ball as far away from the puncher as possible while still making contact.
  3. Efficient banding - Make sure your rubber bands are parallel to linear slide and not all twisted up. This is actually something which we did wrong in our puncher tutorial. You can see our improved banding by looking at our fall reveal.

You may have to sacrifice some shot power compared to your 2 motor puncher, but punchers can easily work on one 393 motor with some fine tuning.



Also, it’s generally better to run a slip gear with more teeth to pull the puncher back. The maximum amount of bands you can use is slightly less than with fewer teeth, but you still get more power. But like marsgate17 said, friction is very important.