Best way to scout at Worlds, US Open, etc

Does anyone have any good ways to scout at the larger tournaments?


A friend of mine (From 2011C, Ohio State Champions) likes to scout ahead of time. He goes online and scouts out each and every team. He’s working on worlds, and does every division because Breckville has so many teams going to Worlds and alliance-mates attending.

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I have a scouting sheet I believe that is somewhat similar to 2011C’s in that I scout ahead of time. I would check skills scores and your preferred stats (I use VEXdb, but if you prefer SP’s then do that). That way you have a general idea of how good a team is, then you can scout your teammates/opponents based on the type of robot and skill level when you see them in person.

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You can get the season data for a specific team with the following URL. On any of the following URL’s, replace the team number, I’ve used Team 2011C as an example.

You can also get a easy to understand display season data for a specific team here:

You can also get the skills scores here:

If you have a way to parse and use json, you can use the following:

I’m certain there’s better ways to query the vexdb database, but that’s my quick and simple way to do it.


VexDB is definitely the easiest way to get statistics for many different teams, even if you only care about the stats (like SP) that are shown on RobotEvents. It’s a little bit slower to update during events than RobotEvents/Via (IIRC, it pulls data from RE every 5 minutes or so), but for most applications (even most applications that update live during an event) that’s not a problem, and it’s much easier to get data programmatically from VexDB than anywhere else.

(Self-plug: If you’re into python, I wrote a small library which makes it easy to get data from the VexDB API.)