Best Way to Stop A Linear Puncher?

I have a linear puncher that is built and tested but i need a way to limit how much it can shoot out. I have tried using pieces of channel but it keep bending. Is there other way of stopping it? Can anyone please attach a photo of your launcher if you have a puncher? Thanks in advance

Use nylon string and maybe a .5" standoff or screw & nut. You could also try using rubber links along with the nylon string to help cushion the stop.

yeah use strings or else your robot will get destroyed.

any pictures?

Also if i were to make my puncher launch faster what ratio/motors would i use? On mine right now i have 1 torque motor geared down 1:3 and it does not stall. How fast would a 2 highspeed motor geared down to 1:3 work. How fast would it be to shoot 24 preloads?

Reinforce the c channel u used my friendsy
Max Pacheco

Ask hyuk or Stanley Shi for speed and ratios

If you can spare 3 motors, using 3 high speed motors on a puncher with a 1:1 ratio is plenty fast enough to shoot 24 driver loads in under 20 seconds. Depending on your pull back, a 2 high speed motor with a 1:3 ratio might be able to do 24 loads in under 30 seconds, but you would have to test, as I do not know how far you pull back with your puncher.

A bigger surface area on a bigger surface area makes less point loads. Too many times on the point load leads to bending and may require replacing parts. Not nice.

Cushioning things like green rubber links, mat, and such can help too. Just make sure the punch contact point is before the stopper contact point.

Our team has been working on a puncher for driver loads, but we have run into the same problem. We cannot seem to make a stopper that will hold up for more than 30 shots. After our puncher firing about 20 times the c-channel we use to stop it bends back just a bit, so that the gear grinds against the rack gear but does not turn into it and pull the puncher back. We tried rubber bands, but we found them to be inconsistent. I do not have any access to nylon string, so it seems that my only choice right now is rubber bands or to use a c-channel to stop the puncher. Would anyone mind posting a picture of their stopper and how they implemented it to their puncher? Also we are using a 36 tooth gear with 9 teeth shaved off with two rack gears. Thanks in advance!

My team is using string as a stopper and a white spacier as a secondary stopper.

If you use a screw and nut or anything like that over time it will bend and mess up your launcher.

When we had just a string, it stretched and messed up our launchers distance. We put in a spacer to make our shooter go a set distance forward, but the string still stops it.

Yes, if you don’t have strong enough string it will eventually stretch; we had problems with this as well.

Don’t use gear ratios for slip gear. It puts too much stress on motors and they eventually give out after about 20-30 shots.
If you do use nylon rope, make sure its 1/8th inch.
Slip gears are pretty accurate, but there are too many problems with it:

  1. Too much power. We have to tighten the screws after each match or they fall off.
  2. It’s not the fastest shooting design in the game. There are some flywheels that shoot balls in 0.5 seconds. i.e. Discobots, 974x, Blank.
  3. You can’t control if you want to shoot close range or far.

We are going to keep our slip gear design for now, but we decided to create a new flywheel design.

Have you seen 2R’s robot?

Yes i have. My robot shoots just as fast as theirs and accurate. The problem with slip gears and other punchers are that there is a time for it to pull back. A good quality built flywheel would have little to none recoil. And example would be discobots. 365 robot skills…and they have a flywheel. In the end, it comes down to the quality of the build.

The Discobots never released a design, and you are in Georgia so I think it’s safe to say none of us know what they are doing. For the sake of other teams who may not want design details released, let’s keep info on their designs to ourselves.

They release a video of scoring 377 points. I have seen it so i would know.

Do you have the link available? Also when was this? They are scoring much higher now so it may not be the same design.