Best way to tighten motors

It seems like as snug as I get these motors I can not fully tighten them or keep them tightened… Does anyone else have that problem?? If so, what did you do about it?


we sometimes have this … the solution is tightening them as hard as possible, and using cable ties to hold it in place … works for us

hope this helps :smiley:

Cable ties?? Zip ties?

I had thought about using loc-tite as permitted by the rules. But we have a problem with the hex heads stripping out and not being able to get motors off which is a real problem if it fails during competition and having the shaft loc-tited in the motor after removing the heads with a dremel is not what I want (though if the motor is bad at least it did not cost you). So we have resulted to using the duck tape of robotics and zip tying the motors with the 11 inch zip ties.

We have that problem all the time. No matter how tight we tighten them, they always seem to get loose after competition.

I believe we have some of these ( on some of our motors now, and they seem to work.

How do you guys zip-tye the motors? Is there a certain place you do it?

Same thing, he’s English, I have that problem all the time.

The silver 6-32 screws are better than the black 6-32 screws IMHO in terms of not stripping. Make sure you get the weaker thread locker, the strong version is too strong.

I notice that some new 393 motors are now being shipped with 6-32 screws that have thread locker applied. This is the red version and the screws are working much better for me than the ones with the white nylon that you can purchase from VEX.

Where space permits, my preferred solution is to use cap head 6-32 screws.

sorry yes … i am english so use zip ties/cable ties like they are here … it seems to work for us

note: this is from an old prototype, but we still secure motors in the fashion.

hope this helps !

Don’t apologize, I’m English as well, I use the term cable tie all the time and people give me that blank look as if to say “what on earth are you talking about”.

Our first and second years we always had problems with Everything unscrewing. Thus the past two years, we use nylock nuts on most screws and threadlocker in standoffs and motors. Threadlocker won’t strip your screws if you don’t use too much.

To secure motors with ties, thread tie through hole nearest to the motors mounting screws. Hold female end of tie at the edge formed by motor’s long side and back. Bring male end around motor and thread through female end. Holding joinder tight against edge, pull tight and trim off tale. Do not trim flush as you might want to pull tie tighter with needle nose pliers.

Just use a small amount of blue loctite. Dont use the red because that is a “super glue” not a thread lock