Best Way to Wire a Drive

My team enjoys building very fast robots. This year we went a 15 pounds(whole robot weight) 6 motor turbo drive. We wired the 6 motors to individual ports (1,2,3,7,8,9). Whats the best way to wire a drive so that ports don’t fry, and the cortex doesn’t reset?

In my opinion, since you are saying your drive fries very fast, I think the best way to wire your drive is by connecting it to the power expander. For the expander, use Y-Cables so you can distribute the energy used between the expander and the CORTEX, so 6 motors are on CORTEX, as 6 is on the expander. IF the expander does fry, it’s at least better for the expander to fry instead of the expensive CORTEX.

4 on expander, 8 split between the two cortex PTCs.

You might want to run the six motors through the power expander, then to the cortex, but still connect them to the cortex in the same way, 3 on ports 1-5 and 3 on ports 5-10. If you are consistently tripping breakers, then turbo might just be over geared and you might need to back off to High Speed instead.