Best ways to get money/ sponsorships

@CarCar @LilTree @Railgunawesome. r yal like vex experts or what. I see yal on like every single post

It’s likely because we post a lot. But i’m still a Beginner. I found that the more I post the more quickly I learn.

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Same as carcar, I’m just on here a lot, it helps me gather new tips and learn too.
Although that doesn’t mean I cant give out my own tips too :wink:

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On the REC foundations website under the competition team section there are two sections for grants I would recommend looking through those

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id suggest holding a small local competition, if you have a laptop and a field/ field controllers then your good to go. the purpose of competitions is for your program to earn more money.


What types of businesses/organizations is your team sponsored by?

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Raffle off stuff at sports events

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Maybe host a stem night to generate hype


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