Better curriculum video player

We keep running into an embarrassing problem with online materials. Let’s say you follow the online curriculum and show the students the video at:

Once the video finishes, YouTube, which is used underneath, covers the viewing area with “suggestions”. Some of those suggestions might be really inappropriate for the students, some, while not being outright embarrassing, would still be unrelated and disruptive for the class. You might blame the presenter’s browsing habits, but in reality, the provided “suggestions” are also location based (different suggestions at school and at home) and also trying to mix at least one “unrelated but click-baity” item.
We have tried using separate google account logged in. We have tried restricted mode. But nothing really helped (besides carefully pausing the video one second short, but there is still the sidebar).

In contrast with this is the CMU VexIQ programming curriculum (e.g. They use a different way to play the videos and all you see is the video in question. No suggestions, no ads, no embarrassing content.

Could VEX consider this and change the video player?
How are others dealing with this?

Interesting, mine only shows other videos from the VEX Robotics Channel once the video finishes.

A quick fix would be to set the video to loop so it restarts instead of displaying suggested videos at the end.

There is an easy way for vex to turn this off on their end. Simply add “?rel=0” to the end of the embed URL.

So using the game video embed as an example,

<iframe src=""></iframe>


<iframe src=""></iframe>

I have shared with my regional support manager - please VEX don’t stop using YouTube!