Better Intake?

My intake from the last competition was having major problems so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for a better intake. and a more consistent launcher. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

What was your design last competition? What problems were you having?

I don’t know what your design is or where the ball needs to end up, but I have had great success with side rollers and having both sides of the ball being picked up by chain with flaps at 5 chain intervals. Hope this helps!

hey 9210_Sam can you send me photos to

I can and will when I have acces to the robot sure!

If you don’t mind posting photos on the forum everyone can take a look and help with ideas.

Of course! I should have some up later today.

We’ve had great success with a top-roller intake flap system. Using high speed motors.

It picks up balls really smoothly, great for autonomous mode.
I apologize for the awful photo.

Yes its connected, I guess there’s the horrible photo again. :slight_smile: We designed it for one motor, but as we had two extra and no room for a lift we added another.

Have you tried the rubber band top rollers? They seem to be quite effective for intaking, but needs to be geared high enough.

We have a top roller intake with the roller on a pivoting arm, so the roller “climbs” the ball when intaking. The intake has two stages, so we can keep a few balls in the lower stage and run the upper stage when we are in position to shoot.

the one we use that is really effective is rubber bands wrapped around two sprockets apart from each other, we found this to be better than flaps since flaps tend to push downward too much stalling the intake

Anyone have a photo of the rubber band sprocket idea? I can’t picture it.

Here is a picture of a rubber band intake

Ok. Thanks. :slight_smile: