better parts

How many think that there should be “better” parts of the original ones, as in stronger, more torque, uses less power, etc.?

It would be nice but everything will go up in price.

First off you need to be more descriptive about what you mean by better.

Personally though I think the parts are find. Like anything it works if you use it correctly.

Some searching on this forum will find that parts that are “stronger” and can handle “more torque” are not needed. Vex is dangerous enough as is…

“uses less power” is an interesting thought… Do you want the Battery to Last a Longer Time, or do you want surfaces that have a Teflon® or other “low friction” surface to reduce drag and loss of power?

You probably aren’t going to have parts that are stronger, with more torque, yet use less power, since either the laws of physics or their extremely expensive price tag prohibit it.

Besides, half the fun of Vex is trying to figure out how to make your robot with the parts given to you. :slight_smile:

sometimes, frustration can cross the line though! :rolleyes:

Uh…who doesn’t want better parts? I just want cheap parts too. Price and performance man. The better performance the higher the price.

just “Cheap Parts” or FTC legal “Cheap Parts”??

For just “Cheap Parts”, look at old Meccano and Erector sets…

lol not FTC legal is no good,
i think they could slightly improve the electronics side of vex but mechanical they could add a few more parts, so far so good though!

great job VexLabs!!!

Lol, yeah, i agree with basicxman. But VEXlabs is the best robot site i know. they’ve done a great job so far!

Keep it up VexRobotics

oh and one more thing i want better parts i dont need better parts