Better way to build a 6 bar?

How can you build a 6 bar WITHOUT having to use a drill? In other words, how do you make a six bar without having to screw the nylon lock nut all the way to the bottom of the screw?

Use shorter screws, and you shouldn’t have to go all the way to the bottom of the screw; it should be loose enough to still allow for rotation.

unless your using high strength shafts you don’t need to do any drilling to make a 6 bar. just use simple one bearing screw joints. they go screw, first bar, keps nut, washer, second bar, washer, lock nut.

Yeah the first nylock can be replaced with a keps nut. Personally I prefer the nylock though

Why? Along with being much easier to screw on, keps nuts take up less space, and their teeth grip the metal better than the flat side of a nylock, so they actually lock the screw better, as long as you tighten them with a wrench.

they might lock to the metal better to prevent side to side movement of the screw, but if you have a bearing block the screw basically cant move anywhere (of course it cap move some, if it didn’t people wouldn’t have screw joints on bearing blocks). The nylock, from what I’ve experienced, locks to the crew itself better and never comes loose making a nice static screw mount for the lifting arms. Nylock nuts are also available in the same size as Vex keps nuts.

also, depending on spacing/support arm design, the size of the nut on them doesn’t really matter (of course within reason)

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