Beveled Gears

I tried using beveled gears today, and I used an angled bar to mount them. Problem is, the gears are skipping with less then an inch pound of torque. I’m not entirely sure if beveled gears are just bad at transferring power, or the angled bar or even the axles were too bent and worn to be effective (we reuse everything). How have beveled gears worked for you guys?

We’ve used them successfully in the past for intakes. They’re far from the strongest thing in the world, but I don’t think they’re that weak (Although I really have no conception of how strong “an inch pound of torque” is). Can we see a pic of how you mounted them?

Did you try using a differential? That’s how we had bevel gears mounted on our hanging hook.

Unfortunately, I cannot get an image immediately, but I just took one of these

mounted the small, 24 tooth beveled gears on the outermost holes. I inserted pillowblocks on the opposite side so the gears could mesh. We did have to reshape the angled bar and use old axles, and as a result, the beveled gears aren’t perfectly meshed, But I dont think

an inch pound of torque would be like lifting 80 quarters from an inch away. In our case, the entire thing was maybe 30 quarters

We needed something more compact, so we used trimmed angled bars for something really small
EDIT: Actually, we needed something lightweight, so a differential is a viable option

The bevel gears are quite weak, it bends the axle if you do not have any support :mad:

We finally got the beveled gears to work. We had to use a mount that wasn’t bent. Skipping did return at some portions of the rotation, but that was primarily due to the bent axle we used.

How would you support the axle?

As with most gearing systems, you should have two points of support on your axles. So, say one side is connected to a motor, that motor can act as that second support, while you could build a mount to support the output axle.

Take note of this:
Pretend one of the two horizontal bevels wasn’t there and you ran that axle across the entire bracket.

TechnaPwn had bevel gears on their roundup intake as an example: [

~Hope that helps](