BEYA VEX Competition

The BEYA VEX Clean Sweep VEX Competition is being webcast today and tomorrow:

Today (Friday) is the College Competition
Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Middle/High School Competition

Note that there is no sound right now due to a technical issue.

Lunch break until 12:45PM.

Back from lunch. We have no way to check the webcast quality. The convention center only provided a single network connection authorized for only 1 PC. How is the quality?

Image quality isn’t bad. Can you turn off the on-screen displays on the camera, though? The flashing lack of tape icon is particularly annoying; getting rid of the several of them would reduce the visual clutter and provide more useful image.


Unfortunately we cannot turn them off according to the camera supplier. I did not provide the camera. I was just asked to use my laptop and video capture device.

Video quality is ok, audio has a bit of a hum. Biggest issue is that we can all see the camera’s interlace including zoom and battery. Have the camera guy attempt to turn those off please!