bicycle type shifting on a vex bot

do you think this would be possible?
things i would need to do is shave down the shoulders on the gears
use servo motors to possibly do the shifting, need to figure out how to simulate a rear derailleur

I doubt it is possible. The chain is too fragile and it especially does not like to be torqued to the side.

I wonder if you could use tank treads since treads are way more stable. I agree that I doubt it would work with chain. Wouldn’t it just fall off when you switch to a smaller size or break if you were to start small and go big? Really cool idea though.

yeah i figured the chain is weak, maybe i’ll try it on a FRC bot next year

i tried to do this with legos once. i was able to construct the gears and chain housing, but it was not possible to get the chain to switch gears.

I think it would be possible to make a shift like this, just not exactly like the way it happens on bikes.