Bigger Tank Sprockets

I think it would be neat if the tank treads had an ad on like bigger sprockets like the size of like the medium wheels then you woulnt have to stick to the same design of the little ones

Taylor Tuel

I agree, some medium sized wheel sprockets would be awesome.

The little ones cause problems in some designs as well.

But if you had a sprocket that big you would need to enlarge everything else because the chain would not touch the rollers.

What if (hypethedically speeking) you used the sprokets to hit the ground themself instead of using the bogie wheels. It seems like that would work.

What if there were larger bogie wheels with built in shocks, that would be sweet!

That way the shocks could allow the robot to go over objects easier.

That would be cool.

A tad to fancy for my liking.

Its not really “Fancy”, it just means that if the tread went up a rock it would adjust and allow the treads to conform to the obstacle.

you wouldnt have to get bigger boggies it would be just normal like i would use a big sprocket and a small one at the same time kinda like the pack bot if you would want to use boggies you dont have to mount them farther down than the sprocket just mount them level to the bottom of the sprocket