Biggest Club in the World?

I am starting this thread because I have seen a startling growth in my local club, the Vexmen, over the past few years.

We now are 163 kids on 28 VRC teams and 7 IQ teams and have actually had to turn people away. My friends and I were wondering if we are officially the biggest club in the world or have other clubs experienced the same explosive growth. We have almost outgrown most of the area events.

How big are your clubs? Is this normal?

Normal? No definitely not.

I have seen a handful of extremely large clubs but I don’t have exact numbers.
Local team 702 used to have like 15-20 teams every year but they lost steam a couple years ago.

Team 40 is pretty big with at least 10 teams and is from a small private school. Kinda interesting how large it is in terms of % of students who participate.

Most people would consider teams like 169 as pretty big and they are only 6 teams. Nathan crunching the numbers might be interesting but I would guess something like 95% of organizations are 1-4 teams.

You have a pretty good chance of being the biggest. But is that big enough. NOPE

You are bigger than our local group. We have 144 students total, 26 teams total. 105 IQ students on 18 IQ teams. 39 VRC students on 8 VRC teams. This is our first year, so hopefully we’ll grow those numbers next year.

Holy cow. I can’t imagine being the adults that are in charge of organizing that chaos during a first year. Also wouldn’t want to pay that bill. :eek:

It’s really exciting to walk into a room where 3 IQ teams are meeting. Seeing 15 young students having a STEM activity to occupy their minds with is really great!

For us, the great thing is that we have a FANTASTIC neighboring established program mentoring our brand new VEX program. They have been instrumental in helping guide us through the process. From their volunteer staff to their students, they have helped us (and other local programs) IMMENSELY!!!

As for paying the bill… we are still accepting donations :smiley:

Like that? :smiley:

There are 6,047 VRC teams without any organisation listed (12,806 with one listed), so it’s not a complete set of data, but as good as we can probably do?

Fun fact: there are 4,847 unique organisations.

Hmm. Very nice. We may have messed up your SQL query by having multiple team numbers for the organization. I will double check I changed all of them to Brandywine Robotics too as that is our 501c3 organization (tax free organization).

Does the nallen DB update things when it sees changes or keep the old values? We could have some old records in there too.

There are only so many letters available per team number. Now I need to double check our registrations at robotevents. Darn. :confused:

Can you have the links go to a list of teams per organization versus the first occurrence?

Here’s what we have if you want to validate your SQL:

  • Vexmen Middle school has 18 teams under team 80 banner (not many letters left)
  • Vemxen High School has 9 teams under the 81 banner and 1 under 91 banner
  • Vexmen V-Force IQ will have a few more under 92 banner - only one registered right now. On the to do list… Will end up with 6 or 7 there.
  • FLL has 5 teams but that would not be in the VRC database.

Coming soon - our improved parts ordering system!!! Currently known as Thursday lunchtime chaos of 30+ Excel spreadsheets.

I am a mentor of a club that is 8 Vex Teams and 100 veiq teams with well over 300 kids

Wow these organizations are humongous. It seems like managing a group that big is more like managing a school. How many people are on each of the 8 vex teams?

Now it seems like 254 is not that big anymore. Only 100 people and 8 teams.

It uses the “organisation” field to group them, not the team number, so different team numbers shouldn’t matter :slight_smile:

It mirrors RobotEvents for registered teams (updated every 6 hours), and keeps a cache of un-registered teams from previous information. So any currently un-registered teams won’t see any changes replicated on the website, but any changes to registered teams should be shown within 6 hours.

Sure, I wasn’t really sure what I should make it link to… but that sounds like a better idea than what it current has.

The database only stores VRC (both HS and MS) and VEXU teams. I tried adding VIQC teams at one point, but since there’s overlap between team numbers (something that can’t happen between VRC and VEXU) it meant I needed to re-design the database and API… It’s something I still plan to do eventually, but it’s not there yet.

Just an update on this, the place I get the team data from doesn’t actually list the organisation, I got that information from team lists of events. I’ve now updated it so that when it adds a team, if there is no associated organisation then I’ll look for teams from the same number and use their organisation.

So the numbers in the tables and graphs have now changed a lot!