Biggest season ever! Half a million YouTube views

VRC Spin Up has smashed the previous game reveal videos with over half a million views on YouTube, 37% more than the next highest reveal, Turning Point.

If this is any indication, the season will be massive.

#1 Spin Up: 2022 - 2023 : 535,097
#2 Turning Point: 2018-2019 388,289
#3 Tower Takeover: 2019 - 2020: 314,292
#4 Tipping Point : 2021 - 2022: 296,806
#5 In The Zone: 2017-2018: 294,852
#6 Starstruck - 2016-2017: 265,071
#7 Change Up: 2020 - 2021 Game: 208,210


Even the Teaser videos are getting all time high view counts. Youtube has changed the algorithm for VEX robotics channel videos. This is a great visibility to the public and hopefully inspires more into educational robotics.


i have to admit thats impressive


change up and starstruck at the bottom where they belong

those are just the jon jack viewbots.


I’m sorry, could you elaborate? I don’t understand how that is associated with YouTube view counts

Jon Jack is the Director of Mechanical Engineering at VEX, and Taran is joking that he sent out fake views, or view bots, to boost the video.

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