Binder or bound notebook for TT notebook?

hey yall

I’m debating what platform I should write our notebook in. Should I use a binder? a bound notebook? a comb notebook? I prefer neatness and with the notebooks that vex provides, handwriting isn’t as legible as a typed one or handwritten on lined paper.


Bound notebook gets you e tea points on the rubric.


also, Awards Appendix and Judges Guide with rubric will be out later this summer, I would follow closely what the rubric has. It is what judges will be looking for when reviewing notebooks.


should i have loose leaf paper?

I wouldn’t recommend that. It doesn’t show proof you did what you did when you did it

And like @lacsap said, bound notebooks get extra points

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would it be better if I wrote the date?

Maybe but still doesn’t defeat the fact that you could always write something on loose leaf paper, add an older date, and just put it in an earlier part of the notebook

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oh ok. what did your team do last year?

We use notebooks from the vex website, and after they fill up we just begin another one.

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i see. thanks!!!

stupid 20 char

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Np, also there are others online with a grid layout but I don’t think there are any cheaper ones

I wish I could tell you what type they are but we use a nicer looking bound notebook just for the extra professional look over the ones vex sells

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do you have the link?

Look here for Design Notebook info:

This page has a lot of information for competition teams, including notebooks.

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Wait, before you decide on binder vs bound notebook, are you using your notebook just to organize your teams designs,programs,etc… and refer to or to try and get awards. Because if not for awards, binders are really nice for categorizing stuff you did that is more difficult to do with a bound notebook(my team uses tabs for organization) (and it’s still possible to get awards, you just miss out on three points).

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I’m afraid not, our head coach just showed up with them one day.

I don’t know which notebook you are referring to, but ny team uses bookfactory notebooks.




These are our books, like I said I’m not sure where we got them from.

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Those are also bookfactory, just a different color. I’m pretty sure you can get blue from amazon as well.

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awards probaly idk yet