Binder or hard-bound notebook?

hello! so i’m doing my notebook online (i’ve restarted, like i said i wasn’t going to). i’m doing my notebook online and was wondering about when i print it out should i put it in a binder or glue it into a hard bound notebook? thanks!

6008Y-Project Y

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I would do hard bound since it doesn’t take up much space and its not as bulky.


for my team, we print the pages double-sided, and put them in page protectors, which go inside a binder. this lets us take them out in case if we insert additional pages of table of contents at the start, which would displace the whole thing.

i like the idea of gluing it into a hardbound, since when the judges hold it, it’ll feel twice as heavy, which definitely hits different in my opinion, but unless if you tape it, then you can’t really move around pages. if you want a reference for gluing it into a hardbound, i know 515R revision does this.

link to their notebook explanation:
515R Revision Notebook Explanation

If you are changing the documentation post facto - this would be inconsistent with the intent of adhering to the Engineering Design Process outlined in the Guide to Judging.

I am unsure why you are posting guidance that is not best practices described in Guide to Judging or Notebooking from VEX.

my apologies… by “inserting things into the TOC at the start”, i meant adding to it, and the TOC in the notebook is always at the beginning. my wording was a bit off there.

to clarify, i never subtract old things from the TOC, but as our notebook goes on, i do have to update it once in a while. since i use powerpoint, i make new slides for the TOC when i can’t fit things on a page anymore.

when i have to print it for physical judging, i have to take out the old pages in the binder to make room for the new TOC pages, and i also have to add on the new pages anyways.

sorry for any misunderstanding there!

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Apologies, I misread.