Can you build a biped out of vex?

You sure can!

It’s a biped alrite… But, i was thinking one that was more Star Wars like. Kind of like an Imperial Walker, only with two legs.

You will never know until you try.

that biped above is awesome, but try making a biped like some of the ones found here:

BTW i like the robonova

Those bipeds use high-quality, high-torque servos, and unfortunately the vEx servos are not nearly as powerful. I’m not saying it is impossible to simulate those bipeds, it’s just much, much harder.

here are some really cool videos of a cool vex biped i found on vexfan

PS i did not make this robot i ust found it on vexfan

The walking robot is pretty cool, and is pretty fast.

yea thts cool. exactally what I was looking 4. thanks.:slight_smile:

It would be pretty funny if someone used it in competition!

That would probably be a good way to win the create award.