Black Elastics

I have seen many teams using elastics that look like thick black strings, I was wondering what they are and if they’re better than rubber bands or not.

They are using a form of surgical tubing. Link

You may purchase it from VEX or you may purchase it locally as long as it is identical in size and material.

My students have mixed feelings about it. It might be a bit more reliable and consistent than rubber bands, but harder to attach.

We have latex tubing packs for 4.99 at robosource:

If you search on amazon, you can also get it with free 2 day prime shipping.

i know this is a thread about surgical tubing, But we found these rubber bands on amazon and thought i should share. There are about 450 per box about 3 cents per band.

We use Alliance’s pale crepe gold rubber bands. These have the highest rubber content of any rubber band on the market, about 12 dollars for 450 bands, and give very nice, consistent stretching over a fairly long distance.

Would these be allowed?
If so, has anyone had success with them?
On the other hand, these seem are reliable:

Alliance advantage bands are great! :0

Nevermind. Only the size 32 and 64 rubber bands are allowed. Ignore the second link.