black long skinny piece?

noticed the piece when i was working on my bot and was wondering what the hell it was. Its a hollow plasic tube that has a greater diameter on one side and a smaller diameter on the other end and it is about 2-3 inches long. thanks. (I think it is a tool or something)

stick a nut in the big end and it is a nut starter for in tight places

it comes in handy once in awhile

I remember when I got my first Vex kit, I thought it was a support boot for the antenna tube. It actually looks pretty good used like that, though it doesn’t slip down over the antenna mount, so it doesn’t actually provide any support.

I felt kind of silly once I figured out it was a nut holder :rolleyes:


  • Dean

That is exactly what I thought up until a couple of days ago, when I ran across it in the store and I just sort of said “oh, wow” to myself. I’ve tried it once or twice since this discovery… but my fingers or other methods felt better to me.

It sure was a crappy antenna boot cover :stuck_out_tongue:

If you take a long bolt and run the bolt through the frame and put two nuts on it, you can then push the nut starter on to the nuts and have a pretty neat flag holder. It will “break away” under stress, so if another robot snags your flag you won’t get caught.

We started doing that after we lost a match with our flag getting trapped in another robot.

hehe no need to swear, buddy. but yeah, to answer your question, it’s a nut holder, so i guess if you can’t fit your finger into a tight spot put the nut in one end, stick it the the metal, and screw it in like usual. i have never used it, i don’t mean to brag but my fingers are quite nimble (yay).

Nut holder… or whatever you like it to be. Hey we stole springs from clutches, threaded drive shaft, and took apart a vex claw for springs last year. Whatever fits your needs.

I did the exact same thing. It works pretty well and I use it sometimes, but my fingers work better.

I did the same thing too. I didn’t really know what it was for until I got on the forum. I have never actually used it though - I just keep it with the rest of my parts. I usually just use my fingers.

It’s a nut holder

OOps, I see your question was already answered

now i feel very silly now that i know what it is lolol

Dont worry, we all have moments like that.

I figured this out when i was going through the products on this site. Major “DUH” moment.

I found out when I saw the VEX poster. Anyone remember that? The one with the creepy surfer kid with a giant head. On the back it listed all the parts and some future ones.

You know, I think I saw the creepy big headed kid and just never unfolded that poster. I wonder if I would have learned about the black doo-dad a year or two ago if I had :stuck_out_tongue:

ugh, that poster was disgusting! having a big head does not mean that you’re smart. i means, that you have BIG problems.

I remember that poster! Whoever came up with it must have been sleep deprived or something, cause it’s just weird. I actually saw the nut starter on the fairly normal side and still didn’t realize what it was.

LOL!!! My team coach is a teacher and he has that hung up in his room.