Black VEXnet keys

Hi everyone! We have VEX cortex, vex joustick and two black VEXnet keys. On VEX cortex and vex joustick i have frimeware version 4.55 and last version of CPU master. I need to connect them. I download with vexconnection by vex competition or USB. My robot name is ok, wi-fi link is available, but with keys i can’t connect them. With AA USB cable i make it easely. What need i to do to connect by keys??? Attached file is my code and frimeware cheks. (402 Bytes)

I’ve heard that the black Keys are less favorable because they have the same frequency as wifi, which makes them really buggy. That may be the problem.

I’m not sure if this will work, but I think this is what my brother did to connect the two keys.(This is with the white vex net keys.) Plug the orange cord into the cortex and the joystick and wait until the brain has at least one green sign. That is how I remember to connect the two.

That’s right :slight_smile:
Also, correct me if I’m wrong but with the 4.55 firmware version on the cortex/joystick the black vexnet keys aren’t compatible. I thought i heard that somewhere…

The black vex keys have more chance of failure.

Black keys are compatible with all the latest VEX firmware and ROBOTC IDE.

Ok :slight_smile:
Good to know. I don’t know where i heard that then :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be fair to say the old VEXnet wifi adapters provide a higher throughput than 2.0 adapters? Our teams noted a pretty drastic slowdown with downloading and more lag during debug when we moved to 2.0 adapters. Wondering if in a quiet wifi environment there would actually be a benefit to using the old ones during development/testing?

I have not benchmarked any of this in a long time so this information may be out of date now, however…

Vexnet 2.0 was faster to send data to the cortex than Vexnet 1.0 by about 20%.
Vexnet 2.0 was slower to receive data (ie. debugging) from the cortex than Vexnet 1.0, almost half the speed.

but that was two years ago, the actual rate may have been tweaked since then.

For most debugging I try and use a USB cable between joystick and cortex, obviously not always practical. Close any unneeded debug windows in ROBOTC, that will stop ROBOTC polling for that information and speed up the update rate in other windows.