Blackout Robotics Solidworks CAD Library Release

Hey everyone,

I’d like to preface with the statement that this library includes items from the following forum users

So what’s new? Why would I want another Solidworks library?:
Other than a fundamental restructure and organization the main appeal is the heavily updated structure section. In this library, I included all C-Channel lengths/L-Channel lengths/Bar lengths ext. I also incorporated configurable components. Once you drop a configurable component into an assembly you will be prompted with a dialogue box to chose a length (you can also adjust after the fact by right click>configure). This prevents all the nasty mating that you have to do when you switch channel lengths. This is also on an individual component basis, this allows you to have several lengths on your build with the same file. The full field and game elements can be found in the library as well (Change up exclusively).

For those interested here is the Change-Log:

  • Removed less prominent hardware (old af stuff)
  • Assemblies replaced with part files
  • Lightweight Motor (lags solidworks significantly less)
  • Adjusted V5 motor file to allow for easier mates


  • Wheel Part files (instead of assemblies with Reference files)
  • Wheels with inserts pre-installed
  • Bogie Wheels added


  • All conceivable sizes for 2/3/5-wide C-Channels added
  • All conceivable sizes for Half-Cuts added
  • All conceivable sizes for Bars added
  • All conceivable sizes for L-Channels added
  • Configurable Elements for structure added
    • This means you can adjust the size with the configure manager dropdown


  • Condensed Motion and Pneumatics into Hardware file
  • Gears pre-assembled with Inserts
  • Organized file structure for Washer/Spacers/Standoffs/Shafts/Screws
  • Adjusted bearing file for natural concentric mates

Contact Info:
Discord: ItzChilly#6388


For those of you who already use Owen’s Library released in the vex CAD server use this patch to update if you want to keep your previous robots.