Umm… I tried a lot of CAD software, but they couldnt work on my computer, may be my computer is too old… The only I can use is Blender, even it’s not a CAD software.
So I want to know that how many people use Blender? Do you think that’s easy to use?

I use blender for all my designs and animations.

Blender has a bit of a steep learning curve, but if you only need to learn moving around parts to design static robots, then it really is not that hard.


Not really sure how CAD software literally couldn’t work on your computer if Blender works. In any case, don’t try to use Blender as CAD software.

Try OnShape instead. It is browser-based, so it even runs on low-power devices like Chromebooks and tablets without much issue.

Some details about your computer would be helpful to give a more detailed recommendation. (What model, what processor, what graphics card, how much RAM, what operating system, etc.)


Umm… My computer is Macbook pro (2014), I installed Windows on my computer, and I have macOS too.
And I don’t know other information

Definitely. I’m still learning myself.

Don’t dismiss Blender out of hand like that

Blender is definitely hard to learn well, and it’s not very efficient for CAD. With that being said, it’s super awesome for animation. Dennis can share a parts library with you if you want it.

If you want to try blender, go for it. If you want good CAD software, try OnShape.

Ohh ok. I have a parts library of Blender, thx

You should definitely be able to run both OnShape and Fusion 360 in both Windows and Mac OS. In Windows, you should also be able to run Inventor and SolidWorks with acceptable performance for small assemblies.

What makes you think CAD software can’t run on your computer?

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Umm… I think my computer is too old, I have installed Inventor and Fushion 360, but when I opened the software, the system did not respond

In that case you should try Onshape. I have been able to load a vex robot model on a celeron laptop from 2008 before.