Blinking battery chargers

our chargers for our controllers are blinking non-stop even without batteries in them. Is anyone else having this problem? What is the issue with this?

Well I suppose the most important question is:
Are the batteries getting charged?
Are these VEX chargers we’re talking about (old chargers, or fast/safe chargers?), or AAA chargers (for the Joystick controllers)?
Usually the blinking light means the battery is charged, but if there is no battery in the charger, the lights may blink because nothing is being charged.

these chargers are the AAA Joystick chargers. some have just been blinking constantly and we have always beleived that it means there is an error with the battery.

I’m not familiar with those battery chargers, but if it’s a VEX product that doesn’t work you can always send it back and they will fix it (maybe for a charge). We use the old batteries/chargers for the controllers.

We’ve only ever had the flashing on the new AAA chargers when (we assume) there is something wrong with the battery - i.e. only on one of the slots at a time, and when we take that battery out it stops.
If we put the battery in again straight away it normally flashes again. If we leave the battery for a while and try later, it most often will charge fine (with steady red light) although we do have a couple of batteries that it won’t.

We’ve had the same problem but don’t really know why. The batteries seem to still charge though.